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over the years i have written, compiled, read and generally hunted about for information regarding various aspects of budo. As with most people in this digital time, my organisation of files has been horrific at best, so. As i find bits i will slowly publish them here. Most of it will probably be repeated, old knowledge or (as with the syllabus) so old and out of date it is hardly worth looking at. However, my intention is to put it all together in one place in a last ditch attempt to organise my data.

I hope you find something of use, interest or at least nostalgia through these notes, articles and other points of reference.

Web Pages

daito ryu
daito ryu (another history of the tradition type document)
four stages of development through budo
meaning of sensei
search for rei
style of koryu


Historical outline of Okabyashi Shogen Sensei
daito ryu lineage (putting Quentin Ball in the context of Okabayashi Shogen)
hiden mokuroku - (i made this list and i think there are a couple of mistakes; sorry!)
Hiden Aiki No Jutsu
Hakuho Ryu Aiki Budo Shodan Ikajo
Hayanawa Kappo Kempo Kyohan Zukai Zen JuJutsu Year1898
Itsutsu no tachi - a basic form from the Tenshin Shōden Katori Shintō-ryū
Tamanegi ryu syllabus - historical document from my early days teaching modern jujutsu
Kyusho & Atemi